Online Data Backup
Assessing the most effective method of protecting your data

How valuable are your company records and information?

What effect, both in terms of cost and time, would a loss of this data have on your business?

To meet the growing requirements of business continuity, we can provide online, encrypted backup to secure and protect your data.

Dramatically improve your data backup and recovery with the following key benefits...

Online Backup Specialists: Outsource your backups to us and have the peace of mind that your data is being looked after by the experts. You are protected by our expert technical support, meaning that should the worst happen we will help you retrieve your data securely and quickly

Business Continuity: Availability of data is a fundamental start to any business continuity plan. Online data backup allows you to protect your critical data securely so that you can concentrate on your key focus, your business

Fully Automated: Our set and forget software means changing tapes is a thing of the past, choose what you want and when you want it backed up, all protected using the highest levels of encryption in our state of the art UK data centres

Protecting your data couldn’t be simpler or faster

  • Automatic, daily backup
  • Fast and reliable data restore
  • UK technical support
  • Military level encryption for total security
  • No large upfront costs, just manageable monthly plans
  • Data held in high security UK data centres
  • Data restore with just a few clicks of a mouse

Online Data Backup vs Onsite Backup

Does your business depend on your company data and information?

Do you backup to tapes, external hard drives or memory sticks?

Are you concerned about the security of your data backups?

We appreciate just how important this information is to your business. As a dedicated provider of backup services to companies across the UK, we are the experts in understanding your requirements.

Tape: prone to failure or complications

Tape backup is an old, traditional way to backup your data. It is a manual process and requires external IT support and maintenance. Tapes are notorious for being easily damaged and all this results in higher risk and cost.

External memory devices - cheap and cheerful

External hard drives or smaller memory sticks are often used for data storage. They are easy to use and inexpensive to buy which makes them a cheap medium to store data on. The key words here are “store data”. Essentially all you are doing is creating a copy. If you then store this copy close to the original source you are increasing the risk of losing your data, be that from fire, flood, theft etc.

Increase the efficiency and security of your data backups

Online data backup is an excellent alternative to an out-dated tape solution or an external hard drive or memory stick. It enables you to protect critical data automatically and off site for a simple monthly fee. On demand or on a set schedule, your data is encrypted and sent to our two UK data centres, meaning that in the event of a data loss you can have total peace of mind that your data is fully backed up and quickly recoverable. Our intuitive software also keeps a history of the last 30 days changes. If you make an accidental change during this time you simply restore the original file before the change was made. Similarly if a file is deleted in error you can restore within this period.

To ensure business continuity you will need to consider the following areas and how they are backed up:

  • Email
  • VAT and supplier data
  • Customer data
  • Data protection regulations
  • Legal requirements
  • Regulatory requirement

Data backup is a key start to any business continuity plan. We appreciate just how important your company information and records are to your business.

‘58% of UK businesses would suffer significant business disruption if their IT systems were not available for just one day’

PricewaterhouseCoopers 2008

Moving to an online data backup system alleviates the time and maintenance costs associated with older solutions such as tape backup. It also increases security of the information, storing your data offsite in an encrypted format at our two UK data centres.

Top ten reasons to use online data backup

  1. Ease of use – the simple set and forget features of the software mean that you simply choose what you want backed up and up and when. On demand or on a set schedule your data is automatically sent to our two data centres
  2. Cost – full data protection for a predictable monthly cost. Compared with other backup solutions such as tape, online data backup is very cost effective. There are no initial costs for hardware or setup and the price reduces the more your data grows
  3. Support – management of the data backup process, changing times or data selection can be done easily by the user. We monitor the infrastructure meaning that no maintenance is required
  4. Compliance – as part of a business continuity plan the online backup service can help to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and data protection regulations
  5. Time management – data is backed up incrementally. This means that backup windows are reduced considerably. The automated schedule frees up your time and therefore boosts productivity
  6. Security – two copies of your data are protected by a military level encryption key known only to you. They are then stored offsite in our two, state of the art, data centres
  7. Data Recovery – the software allows you to retrieve single files or a full restore, from anywhere with an internet connection. You can restore files you need to work on immediately and easily, reducing downtime in the event of a disaster
  8. Scalability – as your business data grows we can increase the limit on your account, quickly and easily, without the need for buying additional hardware, just a simple increase to your monthly invoice
  9. Suitable for all – our disk to disk solutions provide fully encrypted backup, storage and recovery, ensuring the highest levels of data protection for SOHOs, SMEs and enterprises
  10. Mobility – the backup software is perfect for mobile users as it allows them to backup whilst on the move from anywhere with an internet connection – rather than waiting for them to come into the office

Solution Comparison Table

Tape backup External drive backup Online Data Backup
Initial Costs High - especially for large amounts of data or complex backup requirements Low – external drives are moderately priced, smaller memory sticks are cheap to produce and so sell None - it’s free to sign up and there are no setup fees, just a predictable monthly cost; depending on how much you want to back up
Total Cost of Solution Moderate - together with hardware maintenance costs there are often unseen “human” costs, changing tapes, taking them offsite etc Moderate – cost for time of manual backups and new devices when limits are exceeded means that the total cost is higher Low - Per GB monthly fees means that your cost reduces the more your data grows
Maintenance and Support High - IT engineers are required to design, manage and maintain backups and processes, as well as recover data High – daily full backups are required and testing to ensure devices are working correctly is very time consuming Low - management of the backup process can be done by the user. UK technical support is provided 24/7 at no extra cost
Scalability Low - limited flexibility means that when data storage needs increase, the whole backup infrastructure needs to be updated Moderate – if a large device is purchased it will last longer. Cheaper smaller devices will hold less data and will need to be replaced more often. High - we manage the growth of the infrastructure enabling your data volumes to grow without your concern
Data Security Low - tapes can be lost, stolen or damaged in even the most well managed backup procedures and are often in an un-encrypted format Low – devices can be lost, stolen or damaged in even the most well managed backup procedures and are often in an un-encrypted format High - two copies of your data are stored in an encrypted format in multiple high security data centres
Automation Moderate - even automated tape backup installations require manual intervention to remotely store copies Low- backups need to be performed manually to a memory stick. Even automation software requires manual intervention to remotely store copies High - the entire backup process is managed by the client software and storage network
Reliability Low - tapes are often weakly built and can suffer from reliability issues Low - external hard drives and memory sticks are fragile, and if dropped or damaged can malfunction easily High - data is held on servers at dual sites. All are monitored and engineers are on call 24/7
Ease of Data Restore Low - time consuming processes are required in order for engineers to restore data. Test data restores need to be done regularly to ensure tapes are recording data correctly Low – time consuming processes are required to restore data. Test data restores need to be done regularly to ensure devices are recording data correctly High - individual or multiple files can be restored quickly and easily by the user
Backup Window Long - Large data volumes and longer working hours are continually shortening tape backup windows Long – Large data volumes and longer working hours are continually shortening tape backup windows Short - backups can take place whilst users are working and incremental backups shorten the backup cycle